Chaya Cuttings

Grow your own Chaya

Join the Pure-Life Chaya grass roots movement ! Order your special Chaya cuttings today and start your own sustainable, organic garden.  Your cuttings are usually harvested the day of your order and packed with care and love.

Spread the word about this amazing healing plant and please send pics and feedback.  We have never used pesticides, fertilizers or any chemicals in the 20+ years we have been growing Chaya.​

 As of 2018, we have shipped our cuttings to almost every state in the country!  Tell all your holistic health and organic gardener friends and let's get this gift from God growing all over the world!  

How to plant and care for your Chaya

When it Arrives

Your cuttings will be shipped in a small box along with a detailed instruction guide. They will look like a bunch of sticks and some may have small green leaves.  Don't be alarmed if there are no green leaves for a few weeks.  Even woody cuttings can surprise you over time 

How to Plant

Plant fairly deep in dirt making sure to bury two or three knuckles.  For best results, plant your cuttings with the “smile” on the knuckles pointing upward like a u (not frowning).  This should position the sprouting leaves to point upward.  Please note:  If you have allergies to latex, do not handle Chaya plants! 

How much Sun

Keep plant damp but not too wet. Within a few weeks you should see fresh leaves sprouting. Chaya loves the sun. The sunnier the better! Don’t let the roots get too soggy.  Chaya plants thrive in semi sandy soil and sunny tropical climates.  

Chaya is cold sensitive and may not do well outdoors in cold climates. Bring your plants indoors during threat of freezing or frost.  Unless you live in a subtropical zone, you may want to plant in pots and leave in sunny window or use a grow lamp.

We value your feedback

 We appreciate hearing from our customers about their growing experiences because we are mainly familiar with growing in subtropical climates.

If your plants don't produce leaves after about three weeks, let us know and we will replace them for you if you will pay for shipping.  We want you to love them as much as we do and help spread the word.

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