Boho Dangles


Wild & Wonderful Boho Dangles !

All the cool kids love our one of a kind, colorful and free spirited Boho Dangles. Now, with the addition of our clip collection, you can rock them out in soooo many different ways. 

So many dangles, so much wild style

Clip your Wild and Wonderful Dangle to your favorite handbag, backpack,  or purse.  Fresh new style in seconds.  Collect, Mix, and match.  So easy to be creative and express your unique, personal style.

Quickly clip to any piece of clothing that you like:  zipper pull on jacket or coat, clip on swimsuit, beach bag  or swimsuit cover.   Simply clip onto one of your favorite chains or other pieces of jewelry and wear as a pendant or tassle. 

Use the flexible wire clip to hang your dangle from the rear view mirror of your car, bike, motorcycle. Use the beaded clip attach to a ceiling or light fan pull for a cool feng shui addition to any room. 

It's up to you.  Collect as many as you want and sit back and wait for the good energy and compliments to flow!

Before & Afters

Light / Fan


 How boring and unimaginative is a plain old ceiling fan or light pull?  Don't be a dud!  Clip your dangle onto the beaded chain with our clip accessory and enjoy! 

Necklace Pendant


Have a humdrum chain or necklace that needs a little excitement?   Just clip and go.  Collect all sizes and colors and change to fit your current mood.

Rear View Mirror


 So easy to jazz up the rear view mirror of your car with the flexible wire dangle that comes in the clip set.  Sooo cool and colorful and it's easy peasy! 



 Clip your Boho Dangle on your favorite  backpack in just a second.  Brighten up a dull look and switch clip out for any other use any time, day or night! 



Get ready for some compliments every time someone sees your awesome boho dangle on your keychain!  Clip and switch any dangle for any use.

Beach / Swimsuit


No need to pay too much for a fancy bejeweled swimsuit that you're afraid to wear in the water.  Just clip and unclip your beach dangle onto your swimsuit cover, hat, or umbrellla! 

Purse / Handbag


Express your wild style with some fun and energizing boho dangles.  Refresh the look of old faithful purses and handbags in a second.  You'll feel the fresh energy!

Jackets / Clothes


Add a little wild style to the zipper of any jacket or coat. Head into fall and winter with a burst of color and energy!  Switch out for every season or style.



The possibilities are endless ....

It's up to you!

Have Fun wherever you roam !