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At Pure-Life, we are proud of our reputation for being one of the country's most trusted providers for healthy, holistic living

 and wellness resources. Our sincere and simple back-to-basics philosophy has been the cornerstone of our online business since 1995. As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback, suggestions and input.  Thanks for joining the revolution!

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Natural, non GMO whole plant based nutrition, holistic health products that actually work, and honest information from a trusted source.  Since its inception, our business has not been financially driven, but rather based on a sincere commitment to helping others lead healthier, happier, and more energetically balanced lives. 


Pura Vida!

The Costa Rican expression "Pura Vida", literally means “pure life".  Our travels to Costa Rica in the early nineties were the inspiration for this website, Dr. Suzy's book, and our healthy lifestyle product line. Thousands of people worldwide have been positively affected by the content of our site for over 20 years.  Pura Vida!

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Also known as the Mayan Miracle, Tree Spinach, and God's Gift

  • Locally Grown, Internationally known! Pure-Life Brand Chaya Chayamansa from the 20 + year old Grandmother plant.
  • Powerful Anti-Diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.  Chaya kicks kale and spinach's butt. 
  • What is Chaya?   
  • What are the health benefits?   
  • Where can I find out about scientific research ?  
  • Chaya Supplements


The hottest health promoting supplement available today!

 This highly nutrient-rich superfood is grown, harvested, and shipped from our mini farm in sunny South Florida, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  

 We will never ever import our special brand of Chaya from overseas.  Unlike other profit driven companies, we have never franchised our supplements with outdated inventory grown in places like Africa or Mexico. Only the best,  freshest, purest leaves are concentrated in our supplements.  We know because we hand pick them with love. Chaya helps boost the immune system. Learn more!


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