Welcome to the Chaya Revolution!

Mayan Miracle / Tree Spinach

What is Chaya?

What is Chaya

 Also known as Tree Spinach, the Mayan Miracle Plant or God's Gift.  Chaya is being studied for its natural plant based medicinal value for preventing diabetes, cardiovascular problems and many more diseases.  

Health Benefits

Traditionally known for blood sugar support, Chaya also possesses significant anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective activities. In other words, it has been proven to reduce inflammation and protect the cardiovascular system.

Our Chaya Story

Almost 20 years ago, we started planting cuttings from a small plant given to us by our adopted Buella from Panama. Since then, we have shared our special Chaya with customers and friends all over the world.

Chaya Supplements

 Now offering the nutritious leaves of our famous Pure Life "Mayan Miracle" Chayamansa plants in capsule form!  2-3 times the nutrients of spinach!

Chaya Plants

If you want to grow your own Chaya garden, you can order your organic cuttings directly from us. Grow your own plants, harvest and eat the leaves. 

We Grow Our Own

We Grow it - We Harvest it - We Ship it!  Our Chaya plants are organically grown and  harvested with love right here on our small Pure Life farm in the USA.

Sustainable Superfood

 Chaya is considered a  Sustainable Superfood.  Ours is the non stinging, maple shaped leaf variety known as Chayamansa and it is only grown on our farm in sunny South Florida.  ​We know for a fact that our special plants have never been sprayed with fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals of any kind. ​ 

Ancient Mayan Origins

 Chaya or tree spinach, is a large, fast-growing leafy perennial shrub that is believed to have originated in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico.  The plants were highly prized by ancient Mayan royalty.  Historians have reported evidence of Chaya planted near Mayan pyramids and sacred grounds.  (Hence the nickname, the mayan miracle plant). 

Supplements or Plants

It is your choice. If you want to grow your own Chaya garden, you can order our organic cuttings directly from us. Grow your own plants, harvest and eat the leaves.  As of 2018, we have shipped our cuttings to almost every state in the country! 

The decision to offer our rare Chayamansa greens in supplement form was the result of years of customer requests. You asked, we listened. Whether you choose to take the supplements or grow your own Chaya, you are getting the same high quality nutritional content from this amazing plant.

Compare to Spinach

 From the beginning, our goal was to spread information about the health benefits of Chaya and offer cuttings from our unique Pure Life Chaya plants all over the world.  Our customers were quick to respond and share the good news which started a grass roots movement that grows stronger every day.

 Chaya is a semi tropical plant and loves the sun.  In the US, it thrives in areas such as Florida and parts of Texas and California. Many of our northern customers are maintaining their plants indoors year round in a pot in a sunny area or growing under grow lights with excellent results. 

Chaya, the Hottest new Superfood!

 We are truly excited about sharing this Mayan Miracle with others that are interested in finding sustainable solutions for world hunger and holistic health and healing. 

 Tree Spinach / Mayan Miracle / Chaya Chayamansa plants. Very popular with Preppers, Holistic, Permaculture, and Organic gardeners and eco friendly, health conscious individuals and groups. 

Chaya Supplements