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What is Chaya?

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 Also known as Tree Spinach, the Mayan Miracle Plant or God's Gift. Chaya is being studied for its natural plant based healing properties related to diabetes, cardiovascular problems and many more diseases.  

Health Benefits

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Traditionally known mostly for blood sugar support, Chaya also possesses significant anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective activities, according to recent research.

Our Chaya Story


Almost 20 years ago, we started planting cuttings from a small plant given to us by our adopted Buella from Panama. Since then, we have shared our special Chaya with customers and friends all over the world.

Chaya Supplements

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We are proud to offer the nutritious leaves of our famous Pure Life "Mayan Miracle" Chayamansa plants in capsule form!  Our Chaya supplements contain 2-3 times the nutrients of spinach! 

Chaya Research

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Learn about the benefits of Chaya based on current scientific research. Chaya helps support the immune system, the cardiovascular system, blood sugar, and much more.  

We Grow Our Own

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We Grow it - We Harvest it - We Ship it!  Our Chaya plants are organically grown and  harvested with love right here on our small Pure-Life farm in the United States of America!

Ancient Mayan Origins


Did you know that Chaya is believed to have originated in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico over 2,000 years ago?  The plants were highly prized by ancient Mayan royalty.  

Historians have reported evidence of Chaya planted near Mayan pyramids and sacred grounds.  (Hence the nickname, the mayan miracle plant).  Some historians believe that Chaya was one of the only leafy green plants included in daily diet of the ancient Mayans.

Compare to Spinach



According to many international groups researching sustainability and world hunger, Chaya outperforms most leafy green plants, including spinach!  It is also a good source of plant based protein and a great source of many vital nutrients necessary for health and well being.  

Our supplements are intended to promote a healthier body and a more energetic way of life, which in turn helps prevent health problems in the future.   Make Chaya supplements part of your healthy lifestyle today.

Chaya, the Hottest new Superfood!


We are truly excited about sharing this 100 % natural, vegan-friendly plant with others that are interested in finding sustainable solutions for world hunger and holistic health and healing. 

Very popular with preppers, individuals and groups interested in Holistic Health and well being, fitness professionals, permaculture practitioners, organic gardeners, sustainability groups, and eco friendly organizations. 

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