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Pure-Life Chaya: Ancient Plant Based Game Changer

The Maya civilization is well know for its contributions to language, art, architecture, mathematics, the calendar, and the astronomical system. But one lasting contribution known as "The Mayan Miracle" has endured for over 4,000 years and is slowly gaining recognition as one of the most important medicinal superfoods in history. Chaya (Cnidoscolus chayamansa) is a perennial shrub native to Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.


Chaya (rhymes with Maya) is a little known plant that was cultivated by Mayan royalty and planted near their sacred temples and burial sites. This beautiful sun loving plant was the primary source of leafy greens in the ancient Mayan diet. Legend has it that when the Conquistadors invaded Mayan communities, they cut down all of the Chaya plants before leaving. Little did they know how indestructible this hearty plant is.

I can personally vouch for the resiliency of Chaya plants. At Pure-Life, our plants have made it through 2 major hurricanes with very little damage. What started as the gift of a single cutting from my adopted Spanish Medicine Woman Grandmother has multiplied into over a thousand plants that have never been exposed to pesticides or chemicals.

Traditional Latin culture and Research based science have proven that this "Tree Spinach" helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. But, Chaya has many more benefits that are just now being explored. With three times more plant based protein than spinach and a high level of antioxidants and other nutrients, chaya outperforms most leafy greens. Unlike plants such as moringa, its large leaves are fast growing and easy to harvest. Preppers and survivalists love this plant and it makes a beautiful shady living fence.

Chaya must be cooked or boiled before eating because it contains trace amounts of glucoside that can release toxic cyanide. Cyanogenic glycosides are abundant in edible plants such as lima beans, chick peas, cassava, almonds, cherries, and peaches. Since cooking in non aluminum cookware makes it safe and healthy to eat chaya, it is becoming more popular with plant based food advocates.

Thanks largely to documentaries such as Game Changers and What the Health, more health conscious consumers are discovering that plant based protein diets yield a plethora of positive health benefits. A few organizations have started small projects that help feed the hungry in third world countries by teaching them to plant and prepare chaya, but so much more could and should be done on a global level.

As a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, I never set out to be one of the country's biggest Chaya advocates. The plants chose me and grew on me and have been a constant source of amazement for over 20 years. Our customers and friends and loyal supporters have been spreading the good news about Chaya. I'm proud to say that our plants are growing in almost every state in the USA and also in several countries.

The testimonials from our customers about the anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory benefits of our chaya supplements continue to be a source of inspiration to keep moving forward with our faith based mission.

I only hope that the current trend of consuming plant based protein and eating food as medicine will not be suppressed by Big Pharma like so many other gifts from Mother Earth. If you are in a position to help us carefully move forward with this solution for hunger and disease prevention, please feel free to contact me directly.

Time is running out for our planet and its inhabitants. It's time to make a big change in the current corporate greed based model for health and wellness. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the outrageous amount of money that is spent on diabetes drug commercials alone was used to research this ancient and somewhat miraculous plant? 

Hoping this message makes its way to some powerful and sincere Game Changers.