Pure Life: The Pura Vida Journey

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by Dr. Suzy Osborne

"Pure Life:  The Pura Vida Journey"  is a powerful, comprehensive guidebook for creating a healthier, stronger, and more energetically balanced way of life.  Dr. Suzanne Osborne, a dynamic and respected writer and early leader in the holistic health care movement, is the author of this groundbreaking book. ​

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Your Pura Vida adventure can start right now!  It's never too late to start becoming the healthier, stronger, and more energetic person that you have always dreamed of being.   

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Healthy Living Never Felt So Good !


In this groundbreaking healthy lifestyle book, Dr. Suzy Osborne unleashes her vast wealth of knowledge about optimal physical health and well-being to help you shed old habits, embrace your health, and dramatically change your life.  

Along the Pure Life path, Dr. Osborne guides you through meditation, stress reduction, proper nutrition, and countless other strategies to optimize your health.  The information that you will find in Dr. Suzy's Pure Life Book can help you make informed decisions about alternative health products and choices that will literally change your life for the better! 


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Pure Life, Pure Energy, Pure Health

Packed with research-based knowledge, exercises, dietary tips, and practical advice, Pure Life is a must-read for anyone with a desire to live life to its fullest, healthiest potential.

​Powerful forces of change emerge when we shed old habits and liberate ourselves from the trying stresses of everyday living.  Pure Life will show you the way this new and exhilarating path, through concrete fitness habits as well as health of the mind, self-love, and respect for and connection to the universe.

Naples Illustrated Book Review

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Review By Storm Heitman 

Naples resident Dr. Suzy Osborne is a wealth of knowledge on all things related to holistic health and fitness. As founder of www.Pure-Life.com, she has dedicated her life's work toward helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Growing up in West Virginia, she had a fascination with health and fitness and enjoyed outdoor activities such as white water rafting and horseback riding. As a teenager she knew she wanted to help others by pursuing a career in the medical field, but it wasn’t until a sleigh riding accident that left her with neck and back problems, that she decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr Suzy graduated on an accelerated course with honors from Life University Chiropractic in Atlanta in 1986. 


With the help of her technology expert husband, she created an information based website, a compendium of all that she has learned about holistic health and wellness over the last fifteen years. The website allows her to share what she’s learned with others on a global scale.

 In addition to designing ergonomic holistic health products, contributing articles in publications such as Chiropractic Wellness and Natural Awakenings, appearing on international television, and developing her own method of stretching known as “Zoga” she has authored a book called Pure Life: The Pura Vida Journey, a groundbreaking guide to a healthier and more energetic way of life. The title comes from a Costa Rican greeting meaning “Pure Life.”

As Dr. Osborne states in the introduction to her book, it is not “another miracle diet book written by a famous celebrity or supermodel,” preaching an extreme regimen, rather it’s a more practical and balanced approach to a variety of topics meant to be read and revisited at one’s own leisure. The book is as spiritual, insightful, and inspirational as the effervescent Dr. Osborne herself and it is sure to brighten your outlook on life.

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