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Wild & Wonderful Shop

This special branch of was founded over 3 decades ago by 3 generations of Wild  & Wonderful Women in the Heart of Southern West Virginia.  Since then, our little grass roots style movement has spread to all corners of the earth.

Here, you'll find a unique online jewelry and art store as well as a bohemian collection of treasures that will brighten your day.  Our goal is to bring fun and positive energy into your life and your own personal style. 

Please take a few minutes to check out our current offerings. We would love to hear from you so, feel free to contact us and offer suggestions and ideas.  Have fun and happy shopping.

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What are BoHo Dangles ?

All the cool kids love our one of a kind, colorful and free spirited Boho Dangles. Now, with the addition of our clip collection, you can rock them out in soooo many different ways.  


Clip your Wild and Wonderful Dangle to your favorite handbag, backpack,  or purse.  Fresh new style in seconds.  Collect, Mix, and match.  

Quickly clip to any piece of clothing that you like:  zipper pull on jacket or coat, clip on swimsuit, beach bag  or swimsuit cover. Simply clip onto one of your favorite chains or other pieces of jewelry and wear as a pendant or tassle. 


Use the flexible wire clip to hang your dangle from the rear view mirror of your car, bike, motorcycle. Use the beaded clip attach to a ceiling or light fan pull for a cool feng shui addition to any room. It's up to you.  Collect as many as you want and sit back and wait for the good energy and compliments to flow!

Here's just a sample of our Wild & Wonderful Treasures

We love hearing from our customers.  This Brand was created just for you and inventory changes based on your likes and feedback. Wild, wonderful fun!