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Chaya testimonials

Thank you so much !

  Thanks for bringing such a wonderful plant to the forefront in helping our bodies heal.  After just one week, the Chaya supplements have tremendously helped my IBS issues. I have more energy and feel much more healthy overall.  Keep up the good work.

Long term results

 Blood sugar was hitting highs of 300 to 400.  Prayers not to become insulin dependent.  After 3rd month, sugar was average of 150.  Fourth month: 70 to 90 Fasting.   I'm going to stick with it in addition to my meds.

Numbers coming down

My sugar numbers are coming down!  Love the dark green color of the supplements.  Others I tried were yellow and didn't seem fresh.  Love your company!  Fast delivery and great customer service.  A +++

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend pure-life Chaya capsules to all my friends and family. I've lost weight and even my nails are harder! Helps with digestion for sure. Thanks for sharing such a pure product with the world. God bless!

Works Well !

This is exactly what I needed.  I like the fact that your plants are harvested fresh and not grown in a foreign country.  I also love, love that your company is in the USA. Seems like you really care. Thanks and Good luck.

Chaya is Amazing

My father is doing very well on the (Chaya) supplements. His morning blood sugar levels have been steadily dropping. Normally even with his night time insulin prior to bed his levels are 280 in the morning.  His levels went to 170, 150, 120 and the last 2 mornings have been 100 and then 87.   Have a blessed day. " 

Home Shopping Network

Dear Suzanne,

I could not be more pleased with your presentation of our Backnobber products in the Home Shopping Network (HSN) studios on Friday.  It was everything we had hoped for and more.  You were articulate, posed and convincing and presented just the vibrant, wholesome image for the Pressure Positive Company that we have always strived for.  Working with you has been a pleasure and we look forward to more opportunities in the future. -- 

-- B.G.  President, The Pressure Positive Company


Wisdom Network

 Dr. Suzy,

It was a pleasure spending the day with you here at the Wisdom network.  We are pleased to have you as a guest on Living in Balance and have had so many requests for your appearance (both national and on our international airings) that we plan to keep running your segment as part of our regular programming. Your open and intelligent style is just what our viewers have come to expect. Keep up the good work and good luck with your Pure-Life Book.

-- B.T. President Wisdom Channel

About Pure Life

Life Changing Book

Dear Dr. Suzy,

I am in my seventies and your life changing book has truly changed my life.  Thanks so much for taking the time to research and write it. I trust Pure Life to give me the honest facts and you have.  I've been following your site since 1995 now!

Exercise- The book taught me that I could increase my limits beyond what I thought was my personal maximum. The result was an increase in well being and self confidence. Attitude- Perhaps for the first time I realized that ones inner self could learn to be more at peace both within themselves and with the world around us. Nutrition-There has been so much written about nutrition, that I was thoroughly confused. The book helped me make sense out of a very vital and important subject.

-- B.L.  Retired CEO

Dr. Suzy's Book

Awesome Website

I want to start off by saying that your website has personally been a terrific resource for me. I found your site through a search engine and literally read through the entire site top to bottom. 

I'm just out of college and I am looking to regain my high school body. Just browsing through your site gives me so much information, not only about weight loss, but about my overall health as a young woman.  Your "Get in Shape Fast" section is very insightful....great advice.  I also enjoyed your "Reduce Body Fat" section. Thanks for all your help and support, keep up the great work!  

-- E.J. 

Ask Dr Suzy

Love Your Book

Thanks so much for writing your book! After reading it about six months ago, I really do feel like everything is coming together...personally and professionally. I know I still have a long way to go and a lot of hard work, but I just feel so much better and have such a higher energy level and more positive outlook for the future and things to come.

I know I would not be feeling this way if I hadn't read Pure Life and taken the Pura Vida journey.  I also read all of your articles on the site and they seemed to come at the perfect time.  I'm recommending your company to everyone I know. 


Pure Life Book

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