Healthy Chaya Supplements


Supports Healthy Well Being


According to recent research, Chaya (Cnidoscolus chayamansa) is not only a plant with high nutritional value; it also has important medicinal properties. One new research conclusion even states the following:  "It is clear that Chaya possesses significant anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective activities."   

Read more scientific research findings here.

Like so many others that are passionate about helping to reduce suffering and disease in today's challenging world, we would love to see more research and funding dedicated to natural healing plants and herbs.    

Even though Chaya is often called the Mayan Miracle, we don't believe there is any such thing as a silver bullet that can fix all of your health problems.  We do firmly believe, however, that adding nutrient rich superfoods to your healthy lifestyle increases your odds of living a longer and higher quality life.

As with many natural plants and herbs used for centuries traditionally in various cultures, Chaya has gained a reputation for helping relieve the symptoms of various diseases and conditions.  Known as a diabetic food that helps support blood sugar levels, healthy supplements are an easy way to increase overall wellness and increase energy.

Traditionally, Chaya has been reputed to have a positive effect on the following:

Blood Sugar

Improves Circulation

Lowers Cholesterol

​Powerful Antioxidant​

Energy Booster

Weight Loss Aid

High in Nutrients

Digestive Health

Reduces Inflammation

Immune System Health

Antibacterial Properties

Improves Regularity