The Pure-Life Chaya Story

Our Chaya Story


About 20 years ago, we started planting cuttings from a small plant given to us by our adopted Grandmother from Panama. The rapidly growing plants created a natural living fence between our organic banana trees and provided shade and year round greenery. The sticks we planted thrived in our sandy organic South Florida soil and over the years, we created a thick green privacy wall that has withstood hurricanes and frost and extreme heat.  

Imagine how excited we were when we found out how unique and somewhat rare our Nature Medicine Chaya trees were! Some of them are over 25 feet now! We are truly excited about sharing this Mayan Miracle with others that are interested in finding solutions for world hunger and holistic health and healing.

We now offer our chaya supplements to others around the world that are interested in natural, non GMO vitamins and supplements.  Thanks for your support!