The Health Benefits of Meditation

 Meditation can be simply described as an active process of focusing the mind into a state of heightened awareness.

By learning to be still and focused through meditation, you can reduce the negative effects of stress on your body, restore your pure energy level, and achieve a higher level of well-being. You will also experience more meaningful real moments when you take time to slow down and live fully in the present.

Many problems that are caused or aggravated by stress often improve with the practice of meditation. Meditation tends to lower or normalize blood pressure, pulse rate, and the levels of stress hormones in the blood.

High cholesterol and high blood pressure are often affected positively by daily meditation, as are anxiety, PMS, insomnia, and even infertility. If you suffer from chronic pain in the form of headaches or backaches, you may also find some relief by incorporating meditation into your daily lifestyle.


Develop Your Mental Muscles

In addition to these valuable health benefits, I have personally found that I attain my practical, physical goals much more easily when I develop my mental muscles. In addition, I have found that regular practice of meditation can inspire creativity, as well as increase memory, intelligence, and the ability to concentrate.

One of the concepts that meditation has taught me personally is that if you want to change the outer circumstances of your life, it is necessary to focus on your inner life as well. When you focus your energy on obtaining inner peace, it is possible to create a quiet refuge where you can rise above the sometimes turbulent, complicated events of daily living.


Quiet Your Mind

When it feels as if the demands of the world are weighing heavily on their shoulders, spending time and energy on activities such as deep breathing and meditation may seem like a low priority to many people.

 Considering the enormous amount of time, energy, and hard earned money that Americans spend treating the symptoms of stress related conditions, however, our society would benefit tremendously by making these activities a much higher priority.

There are numerous meditation techniques that can be explored through books, classes, and qualified individuals, to help you find the one that works best for you. Fortunately, it is not necessary to wear brightly colored robes, while sitting cross-legged, burning incense, and chanting to experience the positive benefits of meditation. 

What is really important is that you learn to quiet your mind in your own uniquely personal way and listen closely to your body's inborn innate intelligence.